It’s in the fallen lands
of darkened suns,
where witches come out to prowl,
with long clawed hands,
from shadows come,
all fear their silent howl.

You there child!
You’re young and small;
the devils would eat you quick.
Shun the wild,
the strangers call,
lest you face the heretic.

How their eyes did gleam
in that town of peace,
when they haunted those poor girls.
When the children screamed,
and begged release,
hunts flag, I did unfurl.

I killed but ten,
to save the young,
in their bloodstained gowns.
The cries did end,
when they were hung,
twisting at sundown.

And before the wolves did run
and the eagles fought,
on that land that once was green,
while I faced the pointed gun,
their honor rot
and their hearts became unclean.

After four dark years,
Hell’s army ripped to shreds,
our nation was purified.
With cries and jeers,
I shaved whore’s heads,
to avenge the genocide.

For a time so brief,
we were witch free,
but then a red star rose.
Appearing as a thief,
or like you or me,
these spies who no one knows.

Those godless men
gave us a scare,
but I gave them a fight.
I purged thousands then
to slay the bear,
each of us, a holy knight.

Now here we are,
with new evils come,
we face the darkest night.
They come from afar,
from a land of sun,
without a cause or slight.

It’s these sons of bastards,
those sorcerers,
and those whose skin is brown,
whose dark vast herds
of murderers,
brought the towers down.

Remember dear,
you’re young and small,
you’d bring the devils glee.
But do not fear
death’s screeching call
as you can always trust me.

It’s in the fallen lands
of fearful sons,
where I come out to play.
With strong, grand words,
and frightened ones,
witches I do slay.